Putting the Pedal to the Pedestal

Putting the Pedal to the Pedestal

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Gallery pedestals for sculpture work or other forms of artwork can be very costly to purchase online and the sky seems to be the limit for options and pricing. So having the ability to build them myself proved to be a cost saving adventure. For those of you who wish to build them yourself you just need some common woodworking tools.

To get the quality and workmanship for professional looking displays you may consider purchasing, if you don’t already own, the following: Table saw, miter gauge, pneumatic nailer, router and clamps. A router is needed if you decide to laminate the pedestals. A flush cut bit is commonly used to cut the laminate flush to the adjoining sides.

Be sure to do a search online if you need help constructing the pedestals. There are numerous how-to documents and videos available.


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